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Store bought baked goods rarely make it into my house, because I love to bake. I do sometimes take short cuts and use store bought mixes, but I just love having my house smell of fresh baked goods and would be happy experimenting with a new dessert recipe every day. My waistline wouldn’t approve, so I don’t do it, but I do dream about it, though. Since I married a man who would love to eat pumpkin pie every day, I have found myself trying out various recipes over the years. Each of these homemade pies was delicious, but my husband felt that none of the recipes made a pie that was significantly better than the ones from our grocery store. Although I may not agree, I’m not the one eating the pies (O.K., I do have a slice on occasion, but he eats most of them) and if he is happy with the ones from the store’s bakery, it’s just easier to buy them.

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