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200 gms Emu Meat (Dice Cut)

200 gms Corn Flakes

4 Table Spoons Tomato Sauce

2 Tea Spoons Chopped Garlic

2 Tea Spoon Pineapple paste

1 Tea Spoon Pepper

Salt to TAste

1 Tea Spoon Red Chilly Paste

1 Whole Egg

Oil for Dep frying

2 Table Spoons Corn Floor

Cooking Procedure


n n Add Pineapple Paste, Ginger Garlic Paste, Whole Egg, Corn Floor, Salt & Pepper to the Emu Meat Pieces. Mix well.n n Brake the corn flakes and keep aside. Take each Meat piece and press on the corn flakes to apply on all sides of the meat.n n Deap fry the Meat Pieces and keep aside.n n Heat Oil in a separate frying pan and add chopped Garlic, Tomato Sauce, Red Chilly Paste. n n Add Fried Emu meat and toss.n n Serve hot with Mayonnaise Saucenn


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