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Thai Coconut Milk Soup with Sweet Potatoes

By Stephanie Stiavetti


San Francisco, CA, US

 San Francisco, CA

Recipe Level

Prep Time

10 Mins

Cook Time

15 Mins




About Recipe

The original tagline for this blog, when I started it all those years ago, was “When all else fails, cook.” I was very, very ill at the time, up to my cheekbones* in an autoimmune disorder that was threatening to take me out once and for all. Back then, I cooked as a form of self preservation. It was a sanity-saving measure that distracted me from everything else that was going on. When things go wonky in life something drags me to the kitchen, even if I have no energy and the lethargy is thick enough to wear like a scratchy, overbearing wool scarf. It’s incredibly satisfying to rewire the badness, shaping whatever dark momentum has swept me away into something positive: creation. Kind of like telling myself that I’m not stressed out, I’m excited! See, brain? That pulse-pulse-pulse in my temples is a good thing.


small Thai chili

large shallot

clove of garlic

cilantro roots

chicken or vegetable stock

coconut milk

sweet potato

sea salt

light brown sugar

fish sauce

fresh lime juice

chopped cilantro leaves


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