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Lychee Ice Cream

By Revathi Palani


Irving, TX, US

 Irving, TX

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My 197th recipe, “Lychee Ice cream”, a refreshing Ice cream for the summer. Lychee is one flavor which I had tasted in ice creams, shakes and drinks while in India. I did not know where this flavor came from and it was not my favorite too. However, I still used it have it occasionally since it was kind of different from the other flavors I like. For the first time I saw the Lychee fruit in one of the local supermarkets here in the US. Only then I came to know the Lychee was a fruit and it primarily came from China. Since I do not have a great fondness towards Lychees I did not buy them at first sight. However when I started to see them repeatedly at the fresh produce section, I wanted to give it a try. Compared to the other fruits I love, this one was very light and refreshing. I particularly liked the texture of the fruit, which was similar to that of a tender coconut. I immediately knew that it would taste even better in a Homemade ice cream. When the lychees I bought, eventually ended into the lychee ice cream, I loved it. The flavor itself was subtle, yet very refreshing. It was the perfect ice cream I would love to devour during the hot summer days


Fresh Lychee

Whole Milk


Heavy Cream

Consensed Milk

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