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By Neha Mathur


Bangalore, KA, IN Bangalore, KA
Special Occasions
Recipe Level

Prep Time

20 Mins

Cook Time

40 Mins


About Recipe

Parti mathri or Nimki…These are basically mathries shaped in a way that they make many layers justifying the name parti ( parat ) which means layers. I have no clue why anyone thought of making mathries in layers but these looks and taste delicious. Crispy and crunchy, these are perfect to nibble along with a hot cup of ginger tea and the best part is that these keeps good for almost a month in an airtight container, so can be made in bulk and stored. The secret to make good mathries is to make a really stiff dough and fry the mathries on very low heat ensuring the dough is cooked till inside. Here is how to make these perfect Parti Mathri or Nimki.

Cooking Procedure


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