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thecurrymommy's Recipes

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Carrot Roti


carrot roti

Honestly, using any vegetable as an addition to rotli/rotla/bakri can change your vegetable intake d...

Kheema Dosa


kheema dosa

YOU GUYS, this is downright good food here! Seriously delicious stuff. The crunch, plus the ground m...

Chicken Kheema


chicken kheema

A versatile clean eating recipe that can be made to last a few days! Perfect for those flavor cravin...

Tandoori Fish


tandoori fish

A white fish cooked with a Tandoori Masala Marinade that pairs really well with white rice or roti.

Chicken Kebabs


chicken kebabs

A mixture of ground chicken and spices that are combined together and grilled, pan-roasted, or baked...