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After the exaggerated candy consumption, around Christmas time, and after all the leftovers have been consumed, distributed, shared and / or preserved, had, since January, the preparation of a Chocolate Workshop , whose revenues had to be tested and proven. At meals that these early days of the year have been lighter, based on salads and soups. But as the days are still very cold and the rain decided to return, and as I did not hurt anyone, you know really well is turn on the oven to make a beautiful and comforting meal. And if there's one thing that makes me really happy is oversleep a gray Sunday, into my kitchen, taste length toast or yogurt with honey and start thinking about lunch. Open the fridge and see what goes on there for some time waiting to be cooked. Gray Sunday rhyme with oven food, right ?! And as I love turn my oven to cook a comforting meal! Those who just eat almost mid-afternoon, but leave us so happy and smile from ear to ear.

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