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Listening to this week’s Splendid Table Podcast featured an interview with Elizabeth Millard on how to grow microgreens right on your kitchen counter. Turns out that it’s actually super easy to do. Microgreens have such wonderful flavors, are super tender and have a ton of nutrition packed into a little green. This reminded me how much fun they can be, and inspired this salad which puts them right in the middle of a bunch of awesome components. This warm beet salad has all the elements that I love: sweetness from the beets, freshness the microgreens, creamy from the goat cheese, salty from the bacon, acidity from the vinaigrette and nuttiness from the toasted pine nuts. Warming the beets through with bacon fat really adds a ton of flavor that complements the sweetness so well.


beets, rinsed and scrubbed clean

micro greens

thick-cut bacon

pine nuts, toasted

goat cheese

sherry vinegar

olive oil

dijon mustard


shallot, finely minced

kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

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