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Priya Shiva

Priya Shiva

Tamil Nadu, IN

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Sappan Wood Herbal Green Tea

indian hot-cold-beverages

Sappan wood herbal tea is a soothing and comforting drink. It even works like a ...

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Ulundu Kozhukattai Recipe


Kozhukattai or modak is Lord Ganesha favorite food. Ulundu kozhukattai are savor...

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Aval Paal Payasam

indian desserts-sweets

Aval paal payasam is a milk pudding mainly made with beaten rice and aval. Aval ...

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Wood Apple Dates Chutney

indian spices

Wood apple dates chutney is a delicious chutney. It has a combination of sweetne...

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Pazham Pori / Ethakka appam

indian starters-appetizers

Pazham pori is a very popular tea time snack from state of Kerala which is made ...