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Adrienne Brady

Adrienne Brady

Michigan, US

Ground Turkey and Corn Stuffed Bell Peppers

english side-dish

Confession: A lot of my recipes happen because something is on sale at the groc...

Mini Pretzel Dogs

american snacks

These mini pretzel dogs are my second favorite dog. Montana, the most adorable ...

Spicy Tomato Carrot Soup

american soups

I have a carrot obsession. I seriously eat a 5lb bag every week... I really can...

Caramel Apple Pomegranate Sangria

spanish cocktails

Happy thirsty Thursday y'all!!!!!! Time to drink some sangria! ^^^^^^LOOK A...

Sparkling Blood Orange Martini

american cocktails

Y'ALL!!!!!!! I ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon yesterday and I beat ...