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Spring is finally here! No more snow, (for now!), milder temps, and Easter is coming soon......I love this time of the year! Lollipops, (aka "suckers" as we also call them), are so colorful and fun for the kids. I like to actually make these for bake sales and fundraisers because they are a great "do ahead" item, and obviously last awhile. Plus, you can package them using fun ribbons for any occasion, and make an amazing display using your imagination as well for any party, celebration, or fundraiser! Plus, did I mention that they are a big seller???!! I came across these awesome "sprinkles" at Target in the baking section, (who knew?), and they are essentially mini "chiclets"- the candy- coated retro gum they used to sell when I was a kid. I always enjoyed the "Charm Pops" too, (bubblegum filled lollies), when I was younger as well, but when I came across these mini bubblegum sprinkles, I just had to make some of these fun lollies! The ones pictured are my "free form" style, but I made some in standard molds as well. They were a definite hit! Very fun, colorful, and yummy! These are really easy to make, inexpensive, and you can play with any color and/or flavor as well. (The blue ones pictured are a Blueberry Cream swirl.)




corn syrup

flavored oil, etc.

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