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Here is a quick and easy mid-week dinner meal idea, Achiote Pan Seared Chicken on Southwest Rainbow Hash. Achiote oil, what the heck is that? I have it on hand to use in Mexican cooking. The achiote oil lends the little extra bit of authentic flavor and red color to the chicken. It’s simply annatto seeds that are steeped in oil. You can read more about it here in a post I did a while back. I like to use it now and then and it works perfectly here, but feel free to use regular vegetable oil if you don’t want to make it or have on hand, it’s optional.


dark chicken, shredded

achiote oil or vegetable oil


chili powder

kosher salt

butternut squash, diced

red potato, diced

red onion, diced

poblano chiles, diced

cloves garlic, diced

cup hominy, drained


white wine

chicken stock

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