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Derrick Brown

Derrick Brown

Alabama, US

Hot Dog Chili Sauce Recipe - The Grazing Glutton

american side-dish

I love a good hot dog. I love a good chili dog even more. This easy to make Hot ...

Root Beer BBQ Sauce with Grilled Pork Chops


Here’s something a little different to break spring in. Root Beer BBQ sauce wi...

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Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe - The Grazing Glutton

american soups

Chicken Noodle Soup that makes you feel good deep down inside. This recipe uses ...

Sweet Potato Pancakes Recipe - The Grazing Glutton


These sweet potato pancakes are a nice change of pace....

White Wine Coq Au Vin Chicken Thighs Recipe - The Grazing Glutton


Coq Au Vin is definitely some serious comfort food. A French dish traditionall...