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About Recipe

The lemon grass flavors of this soup are quite delightful and full of flavor. Another cool aspect of lemongrass is that it helps flush out harmful toxins from the body. Isn’t it great how something with so much deliciousness can be so healthy for you! You may ask “what is Dal”? Dal is a dried lentil, pea or type of bean which has been split. The word Dal is also referred to as the type of thick stew prepared from lentils, like these moong beans they start out as fresh mung beans.


White Onion – diced

Cloves Garlic – minced

Fresh Ginger Root – microplaned

Serrano Pepper

Chili Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

White Wine

Unsalted Vegetable Bouillon Cube

Yellow Moong Dal Lentils

Filtered Water

Fresh Lemongrass

Lime Juice – Fresh squeezed

Turmeric Powder

Coriander Powder

Sea Salt

Fresh Cilantro

Chili oil

Micro sprouts

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