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Cassava Chips with Guacamole Dip

By The Candid Kitchen


England and Germany, EN, UK England and Germany, EN
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Last year I took my husband and my in-laws to visit Brazil. Three weeks of sun, beach, fresh coconut water, Caipirinhas, tropical juices and a whole lot of cassava chips! After the trip my German side of the family liked the cassava chips so much they went out, bought the cassava and prepared it to share it with friends. Indeed over here in Germany I have seen cassava chips in menus to accompany burgers rather than your good ol’ fries. So it’s kinda creeping up on potatoes which means you should definitely try it. And for those of you who can’t possibly have dry chips, guacamole makes for an excellent dip.






beef tomato

garlic clove

lemon juice

olive oil

spring onion

red chilli, without seeds


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