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Pineapple Ginger Lime Mango Detox Drink

By Rika Ag


Escondido, CA, US

 Escondido, CA

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My mornings are always crazy, and making matters worse I am not at all a morning person. I’m one of those people that can’t function quite right without 9 hours of sleep. I’ll get groggy during the day and especially around 1 in the afternoon hit that dead-zone. Fortunately my energy usually comes back normal again after 3 PM. My morning routine consists of a breakfast and a shower where I wash my hair ( yeah, I know…. washing everyday is actually will hurt my hair! Just my routine I guess). I try to start my days with high protein meal, such as eggs or a plant based protein drink mixed with green vegetables. That will hold me over for a while until lunch (though I often have a light snacks 2-3 after each big meal). Today I made this delicious Pineapple detox blend. I just threw some ingredients I found from my fridge and love the results. I wasn’t sure about the ginger and pineapple together but they actually mixed quite well. For those of you that have been blending for a while I think this is a fun one to throw in every now and then with your other...

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