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Homemade lemon meringue marshmallows

By Sarah Menanix


Berkeley, CA, US

 Berkeley, CA

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When we moved into this house in March of last year, we discovered a blooming meyer lemon tree in the backyard. Without so much as a wave hello to the tree, it produced ripe fruit nearly 8 months of the year, starting as soon as we moved in. An impressive “welcome to the neighborhood” treat. This year, California produce seem to have gotten a bit confused. Maybe it was payback for my social neglect, but more likely the tree’s growth stunted from the lack of water this season.


powdered sugar

tapioca starch (or corn starch)

unflavored powdered gelatin

lemon juice

cold water

fleur de sel

corn syrup


vanilla bean seeds

vanilla extract

finely chopped lemon zest


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