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Tortilla Poha With Kiwi Peanut Salsa

By Anupama Paliwal


Helsinki, FI, FI Helsinki, FI

Prep Time

10 Mins

Cook Time

20 Mins




About Recipe

Tortilla Poha With Kiwi Peanut Salsa is an Indo Mexican inspired bowl. Tortilla Poha delicious dish made from leftover Roti, phulka or chapatis. This poha tastes wonderful by itself, but I love to enjoy it with a bit more of flavor bomb. This extra flavor comes from Kiwi Peanut Salsa. This salsa is what completes this poha. It’s sweet, spicy and has just a nice crunch of peanut and flavor of fresh cilantro. This makes a perfect breakfast or brunch.

Cooking Procedure


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