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Pooja Nadkarni

Pooja Nadkarni

Texas, US

Mocha Swiss Roll

english cakes

This soft and delicate Mocha Coffee Swiss roll or jelly roll prepared using whip...

Greek Dessert Baklava

greek desserts-sweets

Baklava is one of the most popular Greek dessert made of layers of crispy phyllo...

Indian Flatbread Naan

indian breads

Indian Flatbread Naan is one of the very popular bread served in almost all the ...

Indian Lime Pickle

indian dips

Nimbu Ka Achar or Indian Lime Pickle is one of the perfect Indian condiments tha...

Homemade Paneer / Indian Cottage Cheese

indian other

Paneer is similar to Cottage cheese prepared by curdling the milk. But Paneer ha...

Quick Easy Chicken Curry Recipe

indian main-course

This chicken curry can be prepared with very few ingredients in a hurry without ...