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Snapshots Curacao

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snapshots curacao

The first couple of snapshots from our trip to Curacao. It's been wonderful and relaxing!

Snapshots Kenya

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snapshots kenya

Loved our trip to Kenya and what a beautiful and versatile country this is! Will definitely be back!

Sumatra : I'm back!

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sumatra : i'm back!

Our trip to Sumatra has come to and end. It was pretty amazing and can't believe those almost four w...

Berlin - city trip

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berlin - city trip

The first time I went to Berlin was on july 21st 1990. Yes, indeed that was right after the wall had...

Muji store Berlin

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muji store berlin

We’ve  been running around Berlin trying to see as much as possible in the very limited time we h...

Natta cafe - Como, Italy

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natta cafe - como, italy

Going out for dinner for me has a lot to do with the atmosphere of a place.. If I would have to choo...

Around Lake Lugano

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around lake lugano

The second part of our trip around lake lugano has a lot to do with groundhog day, deja vu and other...

Verona, Italy

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verona, italy

Verona is one of Italy's finest cities; small enough to walk around and explore everything and fille...

Recipease - London

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recipease - london

A new chain by Jamie Oliver is always a good thing in my book, so we had breakfast at recipease in L...

Borough Market - London

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borough market - london

The underground is warm and stuffy. People are huddled close and we can smell all cultures mingle to...

Of chicken feet and tribe

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of chicken feet and tribe

We all know dim sum right? Or should I say, we all think we know, dim sum? I thought I knew what dim...

Vietnamese springrolls

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vietnamese springrolls

These springrolls where quite literally the first fresh ones I made and I loved them; they are Vietn...

Cuisine de marche

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cuisine de marche

Or market kitchen; it kind of sums up what we have been doing here for the past week perfectly. Cook...

Cooking in France

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cooking in france

I told you right, that I would be very soon off to France to enjoy a week of cooking..? It’s been ...

Siena - Tuscany III

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siena - tuscany iii

Ah…. Siena…. What can I say about Siena that possibly describes this beautiful city? Maybe becau...

Pienza - Tuscany II

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pienza - tuscany ii

For most of our trip we have been eating in small Osteria’s, Trattoria’s or even little cafe’s...

A week in Tuscany

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a week in tuscany

I am not really keeping a chronological order when telling you of our Italian adventures but I am su...

Back from Spain...

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back from spain...

In case you have been wondering why I have been so quiet… I was gone for a couple of days with a f...

Feeling hot, hot, hot

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feeling hot, hot, hot

Wow… How hot can it get? We are now in Riung a little village situated by the sea (but without a b...

On Sumbawa

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on sumbawa

I think I can safely say that yesterday we officially had the worst meal in the world! After a trip ...


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I first have to apologize for the crappy phone pictures (now replaced!!). It’s the only way I can ...

The magic of travel...

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the magic of travel...

There are few things I like better then to travel to far away places and meet new people and new cul...

Antwerpen, Belgium

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antwerpen, belgium

Last week I went with my friend Fiona to Antwerpen (for those who don’t know, that is in Belgium) ...

Bella Italia...

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bella italia...

What is it that makes a country irresistable? Is it the food, is it the weather or is it the people ...

Italian bliss...

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italian bliss...

Well maybe the title of this blog is not really appropriate considering the fact that we are now sit...