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Nicole Bilson

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Let's Talk About Wine

Food & Drinks

let's talk about wine

Help me by telling me what kind of wine knowledge or articles you are interested in. Are there thing...

My First Wine Tasting

Food & Drinks

my first wine tasting

The story of my first wine tasting and how I fell in love with the wine world. This post first appea...

Wines die in hot cars

Food & Drinks

wines die in hot cars

Find out the best way to store your wine to protect it from the summer heat. You know how this goes,...

Wine 101: Tasting

Food & Drinks

wine 101: tasting

Introduction to wine tasting, why we swirl the glass, small the wine and how to start developing an ...

Wine Tweets of the Week #2

Food & Drinks

wine tweets of the week #2

In case you missed it last week, this is where I write wine reviews in less than 140 characters. No ...

Wine Tweets of the week #1

Food & Drinks

wine tweets of the week #1

When I’m working or studying wine I spend a lot of time writing long detailed tasting notes but th...