Natural Skincare by Calizona


By CaliZona

Rosewater Toner

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rosewater toner

Toners improve your skins appearance by toning the skin while cleansing it further and the combinat...

Reducing Wrinkles Naturally

Food & Beauty

reducing wrinkles naturally

Reduce your wrinkles naturally!!! Virgin Coconut oil is amazing for rebuilding skin tissue when used...

Kelp Mask

Food & Beauty

kelp mask

Your skin will love the kelp in this mask due to it's nutrient-richness and high mineral content.  ...

Exfoliate with Pineapple

Food & Beauty

exfoliate with pineapple

Exfoliating with Pineapple A natural way to exfoliate is with the juice of a slightly unripe Organic...

 Coconut Pink Clay Mask

Food & Beauty

coconut pink clay mask

This is such a great mask, it is super moisturizing and it helps to eliminate toxins and tone you...