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By Caileejoy

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"let food be thy medicine"

Hippocrates was a pretty smart fellow. Even though he lived many many years ago (from 460-370 BC) he...

Hello Healthy Almonds!

Health & Fitness

hello healthy almonds!

I LOVE almonds!!  They're salty, satisfying and good for your heart!  Almonds are packed with nutr...

Hello Healthy Yogurt!

Health & Fitness

hello healthy yogurt!

The definition of yogurt: "a fermented slightly acid often flavored semisolid food made of milk and ...

Hello Healthy Oatmeal!

Health & Fitness

hello healthy oatmeal!

Hot, creamy, satisfying, nutritious and oh-so delicious!  I just LOVE warm oatmeal on a brisk chill...

Lesser Evil Snack Review!

Health & Fitness

lesser evil snack review!

Eating healthy can be hard!  I mean, let's be real, sometimes you just crave something crispy and s...

Summer Salads!!

Health & Fitness

summer salads!!

Oh, salad ...the iconic 'health' food!  A 'summer staple' for us healthy food fans!  I have to say...

Beauty Foods!

Health & Fitness

beauty foods!

Did you know that food can make you beautiful?  Yup.  That's right... regular basic food can be ju...

Healthy Treats!

Health & Fitness

healthy treats!

Ecclesiastes 3:13 reminds me, " That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all t...

Build a Healthy Lifestyle!

Health & Fitness

build a healthy lifestyle!

Building a healthy lifestyle doesn't happen overnight... like anything worth having, it takes time, ...

Summer BBQ!

Health & Fitness

summer bbq!

Summertime Barbecues!  Good times with family and friends, fresh watermelon, games on the lawn, and...

Healthy Fast Food at Moe's

Health & Fitness

healthy fast food at moe's

Looking for healthy fast food?  Look no further than Moe's!  I love Moe's... everything is so fres...

21 Day Fast

Health & Fitness

21 day fast

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful f...

Spinach-Melon Smoothie

Health & Fitness

spinach-melon smoothie

It's about time I made a fresh smoothie!  Being at college, I have become a little too busy (or ma...

Healthy AND Cheap!

Health & Fitness

healthy and cheap!

Back away from the dollar menu!  Put down that box of Little Debbies!  Walk right past the 'buy on...

Thankful Thursday

Health & Fitness

thankful thursday

Wow!!  I cannot believe it's DAY 5!!  I'm not going to say the last 5 days have been easy... but I...

Eggs For Breakfast!!

Health & Fitness

eggs for breakfast!!

Your mom was right!  Breakfast really IS the most important meal of the day.   What did you eat fo...

Hello Healthy Protein!

Health & Fitness

hello healthy protein!

Protein, protein, protein!!  There is GOOD reason that Mom always served some at every meal... We a...

Smoothie Time!

Health & Fitness

smoothie time!

I was out enjoying the last few days of summer and spotted this gem!  A FRESH FRUIT SMOOTHIE BAR! H...

Healthy Eats at Panera Bread

Health & Fitness

healthy eats at panera bread

Panera Bread is a great place to eat!  The atmosphere is casual and laid back, but still sophistica...

A Simple Summer Salad

Health & Fitness

a simple summer salad

Nothing is more satisfying on a hot summer day than hydrating your body with fresh fruits and veggie...

Saturday Superfood: Quinoa

Health & Fitness

saturday superfood: quinoa

Super-foods!    Super-foods are foods you love and foods that love you back!  They're seriously t...

Healthy Eats at T.G.I. Friday's

Health & Fitness

healthy eats at t.g.i. friday's

Eating out and enjoying a social atmosphere with a friend is something I truly enjoy!  But when you...

Summer-time Sweets!

Health & Fitness

summer-time sweets!

I LOVE FRUIT!  I love all fruits for all kinds of reasons.  Avocados are creamy, oranges are juicy...

Hello Healthy Nutrition Bars!

Health & Fitness

hello healthy nutrition bars!

There are so many snack bars out there that claim to be nutritious, but in reality, they are simply ...