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Chalk Lettered Placemats

Do it Yourself (DIY)

chalk lettered placemats

Chalk, textured black placemats and some creativity are all you need to make these DIY Chalk Lettere...

Wicked Witch Manicure

Do it Yourself (DIY)

wicked witch manicure

I was brainstorming fun ideas for a Halloween inspired manicure when my friend Kelly posted about ye...

Etched Spice Jar with Shaker Top

Do it Yourself (DIY)

etched spice jar with shaker top

Use a mason jar and a Dremel Micro 8050 to make a DIY etched spice jar with a shaker top. You can cu...

Candy Corn Trivets

Do it Yourself (DIY)

candy corn trivets

Last year my Mom asked me if I could remember the order of the colors on the candy corn.  It’s ki...

Origami Chopstick Rest

Do it Yourself (DIY)

origami chopstick rest

Make your own origami chopstick rest from the paper wrapper on your chopsticks.

Quick Pickle Carrots and Cucumber

Do it Yourself (DIY)

quick pickle carrots and cucumber

Infused vinegar flavors these quick pickle carrots and cucumbers. Rosemary & thyme red wine vinegar ...

Infused Vinegars

Do it Yourself (DIY)

infused vinegars

Infused vinegars make great additions to your pantry and fantastic gifts. Rosemary & thyme red wine ...

Refreshing Face Mist

Do it Yourself (DIY)

refreshing face mist

You only need two ingredients and a spray bottle to make your own refreshing, energizing DIY face mi...

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Do it Yourself (DIY)

strawberry rhubarb jam

This Vanilla Bean Strawberry Rhubarb Jam is a sweet-tart jam that bursts with summer fruit.

Cocktail Umbrellas

Do it Yourself (DIY)

cocktail umbrellas

Make your own cocktail umbrellas with this easy tutorial. You can customize them to any occasion!

Ombre Wave Kitchen Towel

Do it Yourself (DIY)

ombre wave kitchen towel

During my family’s summer cabin trip a few weekends ago, we started to make a list of the things w...

Wooden Plant Markers

Do it Yourself (DIY)

wooden plant markers

Make your own wooden plant markers for your herbs or your garden. Protect them from the elements wit...

Coffee and Honey Body Scrub

Do it Yourself (DIY)

coffee and honey body scrub

Make your own all natural body scrub with exfoliating coffee, moisturizing honey and anti-oxidant-la...

Preserved Lemons

Do it Yourself (DIY)

preserved lemons

Preserved lemons are easy to make and can become your secret ingredient, adding intense salty, citru...

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Do it Yourself (DIY)

watercolor easter eggs

Watercolor Easter eggs can be dreamy pastels or vibrant colors. You can also paint directly on the e...

DIY Clay Cupcake Toppers

Do it Yourself (DIY)

diy clay cupcake toppers

One of my nieces has a birthday coming up in a few weeks and every time I see her we try to hammer o...

No Sew Tablecloth

Do it Yourself (DIY)

no sew tablecloth

This easy DIY no sew tablecloth is perfect for tables that don't fit the standard dimensions. It als...

Blueberry Exfoliating Mask

Do it Yourself (DIY)

blueberry exfoliating mask

It’s probably hard to tell from that tiny picture over there in the sidebar, but I’m not 20 anym...

DIY St Patrick's Day Party Straws

Do it Yourself (DIY)

diy st patrick's day party straws

It’s pretty clear that we love parties.  Alyssa plans a bunch of parties and it won’t take you ...

Vanilla Masala Chai Sweetener

Do it Yourself (DIY)

vanilla masala chai sweetener

Make your own vanilla masala chai sweetener with condensed milk to add a kick of milky chai flavor t...

Exfoliating Oatmeal Body Scrub

Do it Yourself (DIY)

exfoliating oatmeal body scrub

Around this time of year, my skin starts going crazy.  I’m certain that all of you reading this k...

Personalized Drink Markers

Do it Yourself (DIY)

personalized drink markers

Make your own personalized drink markers with your guests initials. No one will lose track of their ...

Stamped Cocktail Napkins

Do it Yourself (DIY)

stamped cocktail napkins

Make your party more personal with these DIY stamped cocktail napkins. Create easy polka dot napkins...

Ombre Wine Cork Trivet

Do it Yourself (DIY)

ombre wine cork trivet

Use the colored ends of wine corks to create this beautiful and functional cork trivet.

Relaxing Black Tea Foot Soak

Do it Yourself (DIY)

relaxing black tea foot soak

For this foot soak, epsom salts will help to relax you while soothing aches and softening rough skin...

Sequined Swizzle Sticks

Do it Yourself (DIY)

sequined swizzle sticks

DIY sequined swizzle sticks will make your party memorable. They're festive and fancy but inexpensiv...

Mint Lip Duo (Balm AND Scrub!)

Do it Yourself (DIY)

mint lip duo (balm and scrub!)

Follow this tutorial to create a mint lip duo: both a lip balm & scrub. It's refreshing and invigora...

Custom Kitchen Towels

Do it Yourself (DIY)

custom kitchen towels

A little fabric paint and white flour sack towels are all you need to make adorable custom kitchen t...

Greek Yogurt Mask

Do it Yourself (DIY)

greek yogurt mask

Make your own yogurt mask for facials with only Greek yogurt, lemon and honey.

Framed Party Menu

Do it Yourself (DIY)

framed party menu

I, like most people who just really like pretty things, tend to buy all sorts of items without a pla...

Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

Do it Yourself (DIY)

pumpkin floral centerpiece

This easy tutorial shows you how to create a pumpkin floral centerpiece using a hollowed-out pumpkin...

Hand-dipped Stemware

Do it Yourself (DIY)

hand-dipped stemware

Turn boring dollar store or Ikea stemware into beautiful pieces of art that would cost a fortune in ...

Make Your Own Vanilla Bean Sugar

Do it Yourself (DIY)

make your own vanilla bean sugar

Making your own vanilla bean sugar is easy and adds so much flavor to your food! It's perfect for ba...

DIY Relaxing Eye Mask

Do it Yourself (DIY)

diy relaxing eye mask

A few years ago, one of my older sisters bought me a great eye mask filled with lavender.  It’s m...

Silverware Remodel

Do it Yourself (DIY)

silverware remodel

Use this tutorial to for a DIY silverware remodel. Add color to your table and new life to boring si...

Mason Jar Travel Cups

Do it Yourself (DIY)

mason jar travel cups

This tutorial shows you how to make your own mason jar travel cups at home.

Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

Do it Yourself (DIY)

essential oil sugar scrub

You can make this sugar scrub at home w/only 3 ingredients: sugar, oil and your favorite essential o...

DIY Serving Dishes

Do it Yourself (DIY)

diy serving dishes

Use flea market or dollar store ceramics and some superglue to make these DIY serving dishes at home...