My Backyard Honey Bees

Amy Stafford

By Amy Stafford

How to Set Up a Beehive

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how to set up a beehive

On the heels of my post yesterday on why all The Bees Are Dying, I thought I would show you guys how...

The Bees are Dying

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the bees are dying

Over last winter all four of my beehives died.  Liz who is my beekeeping teacher and helper lost al...

Feeding the Bees

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feeding the bees

In the spring before the flowers start to open and in the fall when the flowers are closing for the ...

Colony Cycle of the Hive

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colony cycle of the hive

Beekeeping follows seasonal cycles.   Last time Liz and I opened the hive, Liz gave me a quick tuto...

Booty From The Robbery

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booty from the robbery

Not that kind of Booty, GEEZ, get your mind out of the gutter! After our successful robbery.  I had...

There Was A Robbery In My Backyard

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there was a robbery in my backyard

SHHHH, It was me! Yep Liz and I robbed the hive.  Not a full-out robbery just a small we’re going...

Checking the Hive After the Swarm

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checking the hive after the swarm

We did a check on the hives and wanted to find out which one swarmed. All the hives are flourishing,...

My First Bee Swarm!

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my first bee swarm!

On Friday morning when I was writing my post “Why I have Bees” I thought I should add a photo of...

Why I Keep Bees

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why i keep bees

Why do I keep bees? Our last home sat on 47 acres overlooking the Ohio River.   The home was built-...

My First Jar of Honey

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my first jar of honey

Liz stopped by to do a check up on the hives.  It had been one week since she installed her three h...

Black Locust Tree

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black locust tree

I am not in any way shape or form a morning person.  You can ask the people I live with, I don’t ...

What a Beautiful Day Today!

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what a beautiful day today!

Today was a busy day around here! Yesterday it started raining around 10:00 a.m and it didn’t stop...

Bees Arrived!

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bees arrived!

Liz arrived this morning to place the bees in their new homes. The back of her SUV was filled with a...

Bee hive in working order

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bee hive in working order

Bee hive was checked yesterday and the queen is laying.  However, they had no food, so they were fe...

Bees are coming.....

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bees are coming.....

Four new bee hives will be arriving this spring.