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Black Eyed Peas Mint Hummus

By upasana


singapore, SG, SG

 singapore, SG

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Hummus have been my Butter for past 2 years. Btw.. I am one of those girls who take Bread and Butter literally. We live for our Bread and Butter, Eat for it and I can even die for it too.... There is something hypnotic in the aroma of hot lightly toasted bread and butter melting and oozing all over it. Its Heavenly... It can give me utmost satisfaction and is seriously the best taste, fragrance and sight for me... My nose turns to the direction of the bakery where bread is being baked and sometimes while walking with K, he has to drag me in the opposite direction because I will be walking with smile on my face, eyes half shut and nose taking in all the baking goodness aroma. God! I can be embarrassing sometimes...

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