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Buah Keluak Kari Ayam/Chicken Curry

By Navaneetham Krishnan


San Francisco, CA, US

 San Francisco, CA

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Some things are difficult to explain, don't you agree? Well, not sure if you will agree but at least it is for me. Take for example the buah keluak from Malacca. The direct intellectual translation in English is pangium edule. That too I copied from wikipedia but seriously, what does that say for the average person like me? Nothing. Just says that I am good at copying. So let me try, try and try in the laywoman's terms. Easier said as the fruit or nut or the hard skin dark brown thingy (ahahaha!!). You will see the picture later because I made sure I took instead of taking you all over to confuse you further. Before cooking, the buah must be soaked at least overnight or lets say for a day. Some claim you have soak for one week. What for?? I don't get it how people come to their own conclusion. They also said that when you soak for a week, ensured you won't kick the bucket after eating. Neh!! Stop it. I cooked, I ate and here I am alive and kicking. So, just overnight, scrubbed as many times to scrub off whatever that's sticking on the hard skin, then lightly cracked and cooked. Now coming to the taste - another thing I don't know how to say. Perhaps you should ask your friends who've eaten and they probably know better how to tell. But one thing is certain. Either you like or you don't. My other half refused to touch despite making another batch with fish (recipe coming up later). He basically didn't like. Anyway, that's up to him. I like the taste. So the end of the story about keluak  because I don't feel like writing any more. Even if I do, basically just going round and round and back to square one. The recipe quite a basic one like an Indian curry with spices and curry leaves. The taste - what you do think after looking at the pictures?? I of course must brag what - so nice, so delicious, so fabulous but the practically is that its a spicy vibrant curry. 


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