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Pooja Nadkarni

Pooja Nadkarni

Texas, US

Methi Paratha-Fenugreek Flat Bread

indian breads

Methi paratha is one of the most flavorful flat bread served in most of the Indi...

Moist and Easy Chicken Pulao

indian main-course

Ever wondered, why Indian food tastes so good? It's all because of the exoti...

Quick Veggie Rollups

american snacks

Worried about what after school snacks to give to your kids? Here is a quick, ea...

Chicken Noodle Soup

asian soups

Mildly spiced with exotic flavor of schezwan sauce and soy sauce . Got a hint of...

Baked Meat Balls

american snacks

Want to make some oil free appetizers and also please your family and friends? T...

Chettinad Goat Curry

indian main-course

Chettinad or Chettinar cuisine is one of the famous South Indian Cuisine from th...