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I call this recipe India meets Thailand. When creating gluten-free vegan recipes, it is important that they are nutritionally balanced and flavourful. In this recipe, I used red lentils, coconut milk, peanut butter, bell pepper, carrots, potatoes and Thai curry flavours. I finished the Dahl with fresh lime juice and plenty of cilantro. Are you thinking what I am thinking? :-) Yes, definitely not traditional, but sometimes classic recipes need to be kicked up a notch, and this is one of those recipes that needed a change. You have to trust me on this, it is super tasty and comforting, just what we need in October. To add even more veggies, I served this Dahl over roasted butternut squash and grilled zucchini, then I sprinkled pumpkin seeds over the top.  Can it get any better than this? Enjoy!

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