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Malgorzata Wolanin

Malgorzata Wolanin

Mazowieckie, PL

+ Added Recipe 5 years ago

Orange and honey carrot spaghetti

other side-dish

Carrot spaghetti in orange, honey and balsamic glaze. Great side dish!...

+ Added Recipe 5 years ago

Caramelised onion, jam and brie toasts


Delicious breakfast toasts with caramelised onion, fig jam and brie cheese....

+ Added Recipe 5 years ago

Barbecue chicken pizza

italian pizza

Easy, fast and delicious cheesy chicken bbq pizza! Great for dinner....

+ Added Recipe 5 years ago

Mexican skillet lasagna

mexican pasta

Delicious cheesy Mexican skillet lasagne with meat, beans and corn in spicy toma...

+ Added Recipe 5 years ago

Oyster mushroom stew

polish main-course

Delicious vegetarian oyster mushroom stew, with vegetables and tomato sauce. Gre...