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Vegan Gochujang Mayo

By vegan miam


Portland, OR, US

 Portland, OR

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Gochujang is a pantry staple in my home. This Korean fermented red pepper paste is big on flavor and easy to incorporate into a number of different recipes, and not just the Asian ones. So when I recently started experimenting with making my own homemade mayo from scratch, I was immediately inspired to create a Vegan Gochujang Mayo.


soya milk, unsweetened (preferably West Soy)

rice vinegar

apple cider vinegar

yellow mustard (mild one like Annie’s Naturals)

table salt

gochujang or Korean red pepper paste (use less if desired, see Notes)

ground dried Thai bird’s eye chilies, not red flakes or more if desired

maple syrup

sunflower or neutral oil


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