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Easy to Make White Wine Sangria

By Albert Bevia


Segorbe, VC, ES

 Segorbe, VC

Recipe Level

Prep Time

10 Mins


About Recipe

Nothing says summer like a refreshing pitcher of white wine sangria, perfect to enjoy al fresco with family and friends. This Easy to Make White Wine Sangria Recipe is loaded with fruity flavors and the sangria is literally done within minutes. I used a combination of simple fruits to create an extraordinary balance and flavor in this white wine sangria.


1 orange

1 Lemon

1 granny smith apple

1 peach

1/4 cup white sugar

1/4 cup apple liquor

1 750ml bottle Spanish white wine

fresh raspberries

ice cubes

Cooking Procedure


n n Wash all your fruits and pat them dry, then thinly slice 1 orange, thinly slice 1 lemon, thinly slice 1 granny smith apple and cut up 1 red peach into small piecesn n Add the slices of orange and lemon into a large pitcher, then add a 1/4 cup of white sugar and a 1/4 cup of apple liquor and mix everything together until the sugar is dissolved, then add the pieces of peachn n Add 1 750ml bottle of Spanish white wine into the pitcher and gently mix everything together, add the pitcher into the fridge for at least 2 hours to let all the flavors developn n When ready to serve, add ice cubes to wine glasses and fill with the white sangria, add fruit from the pitcher into each glass and garnish with fresh raspberriesnn


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