My Tips


Grocery Shopping Tips

-Don't shop when you're hungry!-Write a list out beforehand, but make sure you add in some flexibility in case you do end up going out for dinner spontaneously. I typically build in 1-2 days of "fend for yourself/shop the pantry" per week just in case, which allows for some flexibility. -If you're shopping for only 1 or 2 people, try to think of recipes that will use some of the same ingredients so you avoid wasting food. For example, if you buy a huge container of spinach, you could make a couple of salads, add some into a soup, and wilt some for a side dish.


Make Hummus Creamy

If you find your hummus is too dry, slowly add water into the food processor as you're blending on high. It'll make the hummus have a lovely, creamy texture.