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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Mac & Cheese

By Kristina Stosek


West Vancouver, BC, CA

 West Vancouver, BC

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The creamy Mac & cheese sauce is made with sweet roasted pumpkin, plenty of cheese, a little nutmeg, garlic and fresh sage. The delicious pumpkin cheese sauce is clinging to the pasta adding so much flavour. Oh my goodness the sauce is so good! If you have finicky eaters at home, this gluten-free pumpkin Mac & cheese is a great way to include some goodness to their diet. When I made this pasta dinner for my family, I did not tell them I used pumpkin in the cheesy sauce. Their comments were, the best Mac & cheese ever, they had no clue that I added pumpkin to the sauce and still don't know..ha ha.. I have added some freshly made bacon bits as a topping, but this is optional, although I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a healthier gluten-free pasta recipe for kids, this pumpkin Mac & cheese is a must try. THEY WILL LOVE IT!

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