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Fudgy Chocolate Loaf Cake

By Iliescu Oana


Husi, VS, RO

 Husi, VS

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And there are days when I don’t feel like stepping in the kitchen at all, there are days when I feel like chewing on a store-bought dessert and don’t even look at my baking pans or ingredients… but then I snap out of this mood and remind myself the baking, and cooking for that matter, is fun, is my passion, the one thing I have motivation and calling for. I mean, yes, baking can be that scary, complex and difficult to master thing, but luckily not every aspect of it comes with too many ingredients or far too complicated directions. And this fudgy chocolate loaf cake is precisely that – easy recipe that tastes amazing, definitely better and healthier than any store-bought dessert you can think of and so simple that even a child could master it. It’s the kind of recipe that you mix in one bowl and bake quickly then enjoy simple or with ice cream or with fruits or in a trifle or a pudding – it’s versatile so let your imagination go wild when it comes to toppings or garnishes!



all-purpose flour (maida)

Dutch processed cocoa powder

baking soda

Baking powder


Egg Yolks

sour cream

hot water/coffee

vegetable oil

vanilla extract


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