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How To Freeze Beans And Legumes?

You can freeze almost all kinds of legumes, just soak, wash and boil (with or without salt-your choice) until tender, once boiled, drain the water and allow it to cool. Next simply put in the Ziploc bags (freezer safe) and freeze. This way the legumes will remain fresh upto 6 months. If you want you can also use freezer safe jars instead of Ziploc bags.Just take them out and put in boiling water before use. Trust me this will make your life easy. The boiled beans readily available in the kitchen are such a wow factor.Yeah! So next time you soak any legumes, remember you can soak more so that it can be used in the future.


Storing Fenugreek Leaves without Drying

You always hear and read that one must include greens as much as possible in the diet. Whenever I think of leafy green vegetable only spinach (palak) and fenugreek leaves (methi) pops in my mind. Both of these veggies when added to any dish indeed boost the taste and bestow the attractive green colour, which I love. Do you too? Fortunately, spinach is available throughout the year in most of the countries but fenugreek leaves, sadly can be seen only in the winters. The dark green, flavourful magical leaves which are must in so many dishes like methi mutter pulav, methi thepla or simple gajar methi subji is lovely. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy this nutritious vegetable all over the year? Now you CAN.Here are the details: