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Comes with Free Website & Social Media Promotion

Unique Facebook Apps that Convert Your Fan Page Visits To Business

Publish Restaurant's Latest Updates with a Single Post to Facebook, Website,

and Multiple Promotion Points using FoodRhythms Integrated Framework!

Free Multi Point Promotion!

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  • A comprehensive dynamic & self promoting website on your fan page that helps keep your audience upto speed with the latest happenings at your place. This App publishes all your updates including events, offers, pictures, recipes... to multiple platforms & comes with slides & other attractive features.

Increase user engagement

Promote your Business, increase user engagement on fan page & develop your Business.

Increase revenue with

Table Reservations, Party Enquiry, Events, Deals, Menu & much more...

Build Your Customer Database

Build a database of your customers for repeat business.

Have Multiple Branches / Locations across cities & countries ?

List Branches / Locations with multi level hierarchy across cities & countries. Free website for each branch with single sign on option.

Create Coupon based Deals

Upload unlimited Deals. Added Deals posted on multiple promotion points. Save on the external site deal fee.

Get a Free Website!

Install the app & get a free website. (Choose from multiple templates.)


Showcase your busniess pictures, events, offers with atrractive slide shows.

User Friendly Panel - Updates Distributed to Multiple Points

Manage all the apps with drag & drop options from this dasboard. Updates through this panel reflected on multiple foodrhythms touch points.

& Much More...

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Table Reservations

Receive Table Reservation Requests from Your Fan Page

Works good for both Standalone Restaurant or a Business with Multiple Locations & Branches.

Manage Multiple Restaurant Reservations From Single Fan Page

Restaurants with Multiple Branches can configure this App for Single Fan Page for the customers to choose a restaurant of their choise from listed locations.

Configure Multiple Branches from across the cities to receive alerts to respective branch as chosen by the Guest.

Party Inquiry

Get the Big Ticket Party Requests!

A Friendly App that can be used to get Party Inquries of all kinds.

Works very well for standalone Restaurants / Cafes / Banquet Halls / Caterers or Multiple Location Businesses. Can be used for any kind of Party Inquiries like Personal / Academic / Corporate Parties

Deals App

Individual / Group Discounts

An effective App to upload Individual / Group Discounts with the option to Generate Coupons.

Showcase Your Buffets, Combos or Happy Hours...

Free Deals Promotion!

Uploaded deals are updated and promoted through thus reducing the cost of paying third party deals sites to sell the deals.

Comes with slides and user friendly attractive pages.

Events App

Your Grand & Attractive Events Page

Use this app to create all your events with slides and other attractive features with interactive tools.

Free Event Promotion!

Event added through the app also creates Facebook event, FoodRhythms Event and gets updated and Promoted on Multiple Points of

Event Scheduler

Comes with a unique event scheduler that helps you create and manage current and future events with the options to handle one time, repeat and specific weekday events.

Locations / Branches

Create Multilevel Branch Structure!

A very powerful app that can be used to create multilevel location / branch hierarchical structure across cities / states / countries.

Single Sign-on to Manage all the Branches!

Manage all your branches with single sign on or individually with separate authentications

Free Website for Each Branch

Each branch gets a website to showcase their business including detals, events, menu, recipes etc., Choose from attractive Templates

Map & Directions

Drive the Customers to Your Place!

This app in addition to showing location on the map also drives customers to your place providing directions from their destination.

Restaurants at Star Hotels / Resorts

Showcase Crown Jewels of Your Place!

This app is for Star Hotels / Resorts that have multiple Restaurants / Cafes / Pubs etc.,

Grand & Rich!

Showcase each of the restaurant with media rich slides and interactive tools

Free Website for Each of Your Restaurant!

Website for each restaurant to update the latest happenigs, including Table Reservatoin / Party inquiry and showcasing events, offers, recipes, team etc., Choose from attractive templates.

Restaurant Updates on FoodRhythms Multiple Promotion Points!

Banquet Halls / Services

This app is to showcase Banquet Halls / Services at a Restaurant / Star Hotels / Resorts / Independent Banquet Services Biz. Each Banquet gets a website and updates are reflected on FoodRhythms Framework for city centric promotion.

Team App

Showcase Your Team through this wonderful app. Inspire and motivate your star performers by showcasing them on your fan page.

Recipes App

Recipes are a nice way to engage your customers on a fan page and give them a glimpse of magic created in your kitchen. Install this app to Organize your wonderful recipes with Slides, Quick & Detailed Search, Interactive Tools and Latest Activity on the Recipes.

Recipes get promoted on multiple promotion points of framework.

Welcome App

A generic app that can be used for any purpose through a picture and simple description. Use an art work / picture with nice write up to promote anything

Profile App

A One Page Website on Fan Page. Basic App to showcase your business details with slides, map and other info with interactive tools.

Feedback App

Custom Built Feedback App for Hospitality Industry to understand Guest Satisfaction Levels. Specific questions to get feedback on food and what the guest likes at your place.