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easy lamb bolognese

By ally


Anywhere my Magic Carpet Lands!, SC, US Anywhere my Magic Carpet Lands!, SC
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Who doesn't love a rich thick flavorful bolognese? And, one that is relatively quick and easy to make? While I have a couple of other bolognese recipes on my website that are dynamite killer good, I wanted to create one that took less time and had fewer ingredients. But had all the power and punch that you want when you think Italian bolognese. Plus, I wanted to do it with ground lamb, so here you go 'easy lamb bolognese'! Besides being easy and 'quick', this sauce can have multiple uses. Want lasagna? Here you go, the sauce. Need a quick pizza sauce. Here you go, thick n' rich. Just add your toppings. Need soup base. Well, look no further, this sauce can save your some time. Oh, you're thinking chili? Yes, this can be the beginning of your luscious creation! Grab your ingredients. Pull out the food processor. Put a big stock pot on the stove. And, in a couple of hours you're gonna be doing a kitchen happy dance. Easy lamb bolognese pasta without much effort or work. Trust me, your family will put you on a pedestal and your friends will think you're a real chef!

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