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Butter Herb Garlic Grilled Chicken

By ally


Anywhere my Magic Carpet Lands!, SC, US Anywhere my Magic Carpet Lands!, SC
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This ~butter her garlic grilled chicken~ makes for a couple of fine meals~~remember, the carcass is full of nutrition once you’ve pretty much picked the bird clean, so simmer it a while in some water, onions, carrots, celery & spices, and you’ll have an outrageously delicious broth for soups and more! So there’s not much else to say about this bird~~oh, yeah, it was organic~~yep, expensive~~but, I got it on sale~~half price! Yayyyy!


whole chicken

melted butter

olive oil

lemon juice

Greek seasoning mix

garlic granules

sea salt


chili flakes

Cooking Procedure


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