Foodrhythms is a Global Social Media Platform for Foodies with Rich Media Features.

This platform is developed by Rhythmwaves Tech Solutions Pvt., Ltd.,

founded by Anil Saggam & Saritha Saggam

Anil Saggam

Anil is a dreamer who is fascinated by Technology, Art & Nature. He is passionate about budiling new age Tech Products & Solutions. He is been exploring & experimenting with various aspects of technology for over 23 years working with global organizations and on his own. Picked up the passion for travelling to beautiful places around the world while on work.

Saritha Saggam

Saritha is a continuous learner. She likes intelligence in the nature and passionately works on anything that interests her. A constant learner who always appreciates knowledge. With 18 years of technology know how, she likes developing systems that handle complexity. She develops products that cater to global stakeholders.