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White Russian Cheesecake

By Heather Modell


Marquette, MI, US

 Marquette, MI

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Prep Time

60 Mins




About Recipe

Cream......Kahlua.......Vodka......for me, it just doesn't get any more dreamy than that when it comes to "drinks"!! Yes, I admit it.....I'm a coffee addict and have been since my high school days! (It's true, I am one of those people who will get headaches if I don't get my cup of coffee first thing in the morning!) That being said, Kahlua has been at the top of my list for liqueurs of choice to use in mixed drinks, and desserts for many years. And I love any dessert with a mocha or coffee flavor! I have been dying to publish a cheesecake recipe since I started this blog, but I can't just make a cheesecake unless I have a reason too! (Unfortunately, my daughter and I are the only ones that will eat it in my house!) So, my church was having a "Spring Bazaar" and needed donations of desserts and baked goods, and thus my opportunity finally arrived! (Yes, you probably think I'm absolutely nuts for donating a dessert of this magnitude, and I am sad that I can't have this to myself, but happy that others will be able to enjoy it.) However, I did of course, get to "sample" a taste, and it would definitely have been too dangerous to have this heavenly dessert in my house! OMG......is all I can really say about this one!!! I used fudge covered graham crackers for the crust, an incredible espresso and Kahlua laced cheesecake filling, and finished it with a dreamy swirled layer of white chocolate & Pinnacle Vodka "Whipped" mousse, with chocolate shavings, and a dark chocolate piped design. All of those amazing, rich, and creamy flavors of this renowned drink come together in this ultra decadent dessert. Now you understand why I had to give this heavenly cake away??!! I think I gained an easy 20# just looking at it!!! This is seriously a dessert any "White Russian" lover must make.....absolutely incredible!! Now, Kahlua is a premium Mexican liqueur, (very pricey!), so if you need to substitu


white chocolate

heavy cream


cream cheese, etc.

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