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Chocolate Cream Pie Ice Cream

By Heather Modell


Marquette, MI, US

 Marquette, MI

Recipe Level

Cook Time

15 Mins


About Recipe

Chocolate Cream Pie + Ice Cream= total deliciousness!!!Hard to believe that summer is almost over, and that school already starts next week! (We are late in Michigan compared to other states, and considering how short our summers are, it works for us!) I truly haven't made any real "frozen" treats this summer, but I recently just purchased a brand new "modern" ice cream machine, and asked the kids what kind of flavor they wanted. Since there are 4 of them, things can get hairy fast when you ask a group of siblings for their ideas! Although one child was particularly bummed that his idea was not the consensus, (my 5 year old!), the majority ruled for this particular flavor. And hey, why not?! I've told you how the Chocolate Cream Pie is a huge hit in my house, and why not make it an ice cream flavor!! Creamy vanilla ice cream, with swirls of rich chocolate pudding, and crunchy bites of cookie crumbs.....heavenly!!!! It's kind of like putting together a pudding pop, with a scoop of ice cream in one bowl! Ice cream may seem daunting or intimidating to make, but the base only takes 10-15 min. to throw together, and the pudding can just be purchased, or instant! The rest is done by a machine, so it really is super easy. The one thing I will caution you with is, I am used to my "old school" bucket ice cream maker, so I wasn't aware that the "freezer bowl" for my new machine needed to freeze for 24+ hours!!! (Yikes! Kind of prolonged the whole process of simply getting it churned!) "Live and learn" as they say! LOL-


Chocolate Pudding

Crushed cookies

heavy cream

milk, etc.

Cooking Procedure


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