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Keluak Nyonya Fish Curry

By Navaneetham Krishnan


San Francisco, CA, US

 San Francisco, CA

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Remember keluak I told you earlier - Buah Keluak Kari Ayam/Chicken Curry?? The one packet of keluak definitely a lot for the two of us, so I made this Nyonya fish curry praying hard the half-half will taste at least one keluak but hei no!! See, that's the problem with the man. You try and you hope they will try a new dish but they won't. Anyway, he eat a little of the curry and said that the curry is nice but the nut is driving him nuts with the taste. Never mine I thought. I finished off the exotic nuts and licked off the thick spicy aromatic curry made with lemongrass, galangal, fresh turmeric and belacan/shrimp paste and the curry of course eaten with rice.


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