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Smoky Prawns on Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute

By Azlin Bloor


Bournemouth, EN, UK Bournemouth, EN
Recipe Level

Prep Time

15 Mins

Cook Time

30 Mins




About Recipe

So I had these jerusalem artichokes sitting in the fridge for about a week, bought on a whim at the market on an empty tummy. I know, I know, don’t shop when you’re hungry but it just happens, you know? Jerusalem Artichokes are funny little things, grossly misnamed because as we all know, they’re neither real artichokes nor are they from Jerusalem! The Jerusalem Artichoke is native to North America and is in fact, a member of the lettuce family that is also related to the sunflower, the latter I’m sure is what gave some clever fella the idea that sunchoke would be a better name for these knobbly tubers! In the US at least, the word sunchoke is becoming more popular in the professional culinary world.


Hot Smoky Prawns

large tiger prawns

hot smoked paprika

chilli flakes or chilli powder


lime or lemon juice

olive oil or as needed

chilli oil or some chilli flakes

slice of bread, toasted and crumbled

fresh parsley

Jerusalem Artichokes




chicken or vegetable stock, homemade or good shop bought

bay leaf

salt and pepper

crème fraîche

Cooking Procedure


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