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Pachri Nenas

By Azlin Bloor


Bournemouth, EN, UK Bournemouth, EN
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Pachri Nenas is a salsa/pickle type dish that is perfect on the summer table. Traditionally, it serves as the perfect accompaniment to various Malay dishes like Bryanis and curries, cutting through the spice and the grease, and is especially popular at weddings and other festive celebrations. There are many variations to pachri nenas or pajeri nenas as it’s also known; spicy, dry or more curry like and is made by the Malays, the Nyonyas and the Eurasians in Singapore and Malaysia. Of course the Indonesians have their own version too as well as the Goans whose version is much richer with coconut and is called Pineapple Pachadi.


ripe, sweet pineapple

peanut or very light (as little flavour as possible) olive oil



star anise “petals”

onion, sliced

clove garlic, sliced widthwise

red chilli, sliced (more or less to taste)

ground turmeric

white/clear vinegar



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