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By Azlin Bloor


Bournemouth, EN, UK Bournemouth, EN
Recipe Level

Prep Time

20 Mins

Cook Time

50 Mins


About Recipe

Burma or Myanmar, mysterious and much maligned, the latter, sadly, deservedly so for the various atrocities carried out by its military leaders. Despite coming out of the cold and having an elected president in the form of President Thein Sein, the troubles don’t look like they’ll be easing anytime soon. BUT this is a food blog and food is what we shall talk about! First though, let me just say that Burma is almost like a lost paradise despite the violence and bloodshed. I was hooked and the country forever immortalised when as a child, I came across this quote “This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.” by Rudyard Kipling, Letters from the East (1898)


catfish or seabass


turmeric powder

shrimp paste

cloves garlic, peeld but left whole

ginger, sliced

lemongrass, bruised


peanut or vegetable oil

chilli paste or chilli powder

turmeric powder


fish sauce


toasted chickpea flour

toasted rice flour

fresh rice noodles or equivalent dried Garnish and Condiments

crispy fried shallots

hardboiled eggs

lime wedges

finely sliced green beans

beansprouts, fresh or blanched

spring onions, thinly sliced

fresh chillies

chilli oil

Cooking Procedure


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