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Sushi sweet

By Katarzyna Maciejewska


Chicago, MA, PL

 Chicago, MA

Recipe Level

Prep Time

30 Mins




About Recipe

Refreshing fruit sushi. Rice cooked with milk with roasted coconut.


1 cup rice (sushi)

cup milk plant (almond, rice, coconut)

½ cup water

1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup

Cooking Procedure


n Rice pour cold water, rinse it 4 times. To rinsed rice add water, milk, honey and extract. Cover with lid and cook slow. Boil until the liquid has been absorbed. Leave it to cool.nn Coconut roast the in the pan for gold. Fruit peel and cut into oblong pieces.nn For the preparation of sushi we’ll need a special mat that covers the cling film. On the foil put a layer of rice, on one side (the one from which we will start rolling) put fruit in a row. Wrap in a roll and put in the refrigerator action repeat until use components.n


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