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Chocolate Covered Cherries

By Julie Smith


Hattiesburg, MS, US

 Hattiesburg, MS

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I have loved these chocolate covered cherries since I was a young girl. They just seem to epitomize the holiday season. They are not hard to make, but I'll warn you and say that the process is a bit messy, as you are rolling these with your hands. Then requires the hard part - patience! You need to put them away in a container somewhere and let them "ripen" so the sugared center will have time to get all soft and squishy. Oh, don't get me wrong... they will taste great minutes after they are made. But the quintessential chocolate covered cherries have that wonderful gooey center. And for that - you gotta wait!


softened butter

powdered sugar



almond extract

cherry syrup

jarred maraschino cherries

semi-sweet chocolate chips

paraffin wax


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