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Vegan soy free and gluten free lasagna

By Natalie Yonan


Stockholm, ST, SE

 Stockholm, ST

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I've had this lasagna on my mind for a long time now. Veggie lasagna is the ultimate comfort food according to me. The funny thing is that I really didn't like regular lasagna when I used to eat meat, I don't really know why but I guess grinded meat was just never my thing. So when I went vegetarian almost 8 years ago my grandmother made me a vegetarian lasagna with lots of broccoli and zucchini and I joined the lasagna fan club for the first time. I'm super pleased with the way this recipe turned out and this is definitely not the last time I'm making it. I chose to make it gluten free, soy free and of course all organic and vegan. Read more to get the recipe!

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