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So I was sent out a beautiful box of Blood Oranges from Redbelly Citrus {and boy, haven’t they had a bumper crop this season!}. And I thought that it would be a great way to kick off my ‘SWEET SEPTEMBER’ with a few sweet blood orange inspired recipes.

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I couldn’t hold a ‘SWEET SEPTEMBER’ without a great cake recipe and this would have to ‘take the cake’ {pun intended}. This is a deliciously light cake using whole blood oranges from Redbelly Citrus {which I was gifted}.

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Hi, I’m Shari… Mummy to ‘Mr Moo’ and the ‘Little Dude’ – GoodFoodWeek is me sharing a collection of recipes, an assortment of motherhood tales and a mixture of memories.All I ever wanted to be was a Mummy. I was blessed with Mr Moo in 2013. We joke that it took Mr GoodFoodWeek seven years to propose and yet it only took me two weeks to fall pregnant {on our honeymoon}.The Little Dude joined the crew in 2014. My boys are 17 months apart and, as many a random likes to tell me, I’ve got my hands full…but this definitely doesn’t mark the end of our family.Being a mum is all forms of awesome, but it is also far from easy. I want my readers to find an honest account of motherhood here – the lonely parts, the defining parts, the shitty parts {literally}, the joyous parts, the parts that make you laugh and the parts that make you cry … so you can take a deep breath and know that you’re not alone.Just as this blog has evolved*, motherhood is an evolution – no two days are the same and just when you think that you are on top of it all, the game changes.So if all I can do is give you a no fuss cake recipe or a weekly meal plan {with a list of ingredients that you can drop directly into Coles online}, I hope this blog makes your day a little easier.

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